Hulabhaig @ Baile na Cille Church

2024 Our Furure at Baile na Cille Church.


We are delighted to announce that with the help of Ian Scarr-Hall and the Rèasort Estates, Baile na Cille church will become the property of a Charitable Trust.

Over the last few years, Hulabhaig has been developing as a curatorial project here on the Isle of Lewis, specifically designed to benefit and support local artists as well as artists from further afield, our aim has been to bring high quality art to the area and help develop the arts and culture community.

Securing a long term future of Baile na Cille church.

Since our first trial exhibition in 2019 at Baile na Cille, Hulabhaig has been looking for ways to secure the long term future of this important building, and ultimately open it all year round to both artists and the public as a place for the creativity and the enjoyment of great art.

Special thanks has to go to Brian and Miranda Gayton who have supported us all the way, allowing us to explore its full potential as an art space. They have been instrumental in paving the way ahead for us, helping us find a secure long term future which will bring it back into the public realm.

Without their support and shared vision to see Baile na Cille church back in public use, we would not have been able to progress.

The Future, an Arts and Culture Asset to the Community.

The future is now bright but there is still a long way to go, this change of custodianship will now allowed us to start thinking further ahead.
Establishing Baile na Cille church as our permanent home and making it safe for year round public access is the first step and opens up an exciting future.

We hope you will all support us in our endeavours and visit us often as we try to develop Hulabhaig at Baile na Cille church into a valuable and worthwhile arts and culture asset to the community.

2024 Events

We are currently planning 4 events for next summer (2024) and will be posting more details here as soon as we can.

Baile na Cille church, Uig, Isle of Lewis.

Friends of Hulabhaig

Hulabhaig would like to thank Ian Scarr-Hall for his encouragement and support in helping this project to progress.

Grateful thanks also go to Brian and Miranda Gayton, who have provided us with a truly remarkable venue to work with.

Sponsorship and support will be a key part of developing our projects and securing the future of Baile na Cille church. If you would like to support us, please check out the 'Join Us' page where we will be outlining ways in which you can help.

Join us in our quest to contribute to the local arts scene

Join Us as a Friend of Hulabhaig

Visiting Hulabhaig

Please note: Due to the current condition of the church all exhibitions at Baile na Cille, are 'By Appointment Only', we do not charge for entry but encourage donations. Please contact to book your visit. Opening events are free and do not required booking.